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Do you find yourself on the South side of town?

These rides may be more up your alley. The trails along the DesPlaines River South of Riverside are somewhat hit-or-miss, at least until you get as far South as 47th Street, where the trail becomes more continuous and consistent.

The trails here have long been used for MX motorcycle, BMX, quadrunner and stolen car stunts, and at some time someone put down a very large quantity of broken glass to try to dissuade the use of these trails, but it hasn't slowed anyone down noticably.

Click On Image For Larger Version Lots of rides, not many on roads!

There are some serious hills, deeply rutted trails, loose gravel, standing puddles of mud and lots more for your riding enjoyment. This would not be a good place to ride after a soaking rain!

If you make it Southwest into Hodgkins without a flat, take the short ride down 67th Street and check out the Arie Crown Woods, with a circular trail network that can connect you to Brainard Avenue and into Countryside and LaGrange.

You're also not too far from accessing the huge network of trails that feed into the Palos Woods trail network. From Archer Avenue on the East, you can go a long way South and see some things you might not expect in the flatland Chicago area!

The Palos Woods Trail

The I&M Canal Trail - Cook County
The I&M Canal Trail Downstate


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