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The Village of Oak Brook has really come a long way in recent years as far as cycling is concerned. With the addition of pedestrian bridges and underpasses across busy highways and the paving of a network of trails throughout the village, Oak Brook has become one of the most bicycle-friendly places in the western suburbs!

Now that the village operates the Dean Estate, cyclists have a legal and safe way to cross the moat formed by Interstate 294 into DuPage County from Cook County. This is a very important development, as it was formerly very difficult and life-threatening to trraverse the streets West into Oak Brook, which kept many a rider from exploring the great rides DuPage County has to offfer.

The Passage Beneath Route 83

Now, with the ability to cross under I-294 from Bemis North onto the Dean Estate, we can ride right into DuPage, pick up the great trails of Fullersburg Woods and continue West through the McDonald's campus, under Jorie Boulevard and also under Route 83, and on to Meyers Road and Highland Avenue.

The wide paved sidewalks and pedestrian overpass on 31st Street across Route 83 make it easy to explore the Mayslake Preserve and proceed into Westmont, or stay with 31st Street West until you reach Meyers Road, where the sidewalk ends.

You can continue west to a great preserve called the Lyman Woods, if you don't mind a bit of street riding, and from there on into Downers Grove. The whole time you are in Oak Brook, there is no street riding at all except for the short, quiet run down Canterbury Lane from the Dean Estate. That's my kind of ride!


The Mayslake Preserve

The Lyman Woods
The Fullersburg Woods


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