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Looking to really shake things up? Here's one way - Hop on to the Illinois Prairie Path and spin your way to where it crosses both the Salt Creek and Route 83.

Near the top of the climb on the East side of the span there lies a small opening in the North fence. A steep descent takes you to a thick patch of woods, through which there are some really well-maintained BMX stages.

Make real sure your brakes are good if you decide to ride down, or better yet, walk! Be sure to do a recon lap before you start shredding, as you wouldn't want to meet a fellow shredder the hard way!

Click On Image For Larger Version Lots of jumps and banks, not much margin for error!

If you're coming in from the West on the Great Western Trail, or you want to continue west and explore the Churchill Woods, just get to Villa Avenue on the West side of the Rt. 83 bridge and switch from the IPP to the beginning of the Great Western Trail.

There are lots of great rides along or near these two main bicycle arteries, so take a day and explore! Let us know what you find!

The Great Western Trail

The Elmhurst BMX/Skate Park
The Illinois Prairie Path


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